Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well it is fitting that this is my first blog as this book inspired me in a very profound way, I read this book because someone suggested that I should, so I went to the library and checked it out.
I was thoroughly unprepared for the voyage I was to be taken on,  WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY!
The Traveler's Gift, by Andy Andrews is touted as "The seven decisions that determine personal success", so I was prepared for another "self help" book, NOT SO, this was such a breath of fresh air that I wanted to start it all over the second I was finished reading it, I am serious!
This book is written as a story with a real fiction feel, but the sound principles in this book cannot be confused, you will definitely know EXACTLY how to achieve success in any portion of your life after completing this wonderful little book.
I was so impressed with this body of work that I went to his web-site to see what else he had there, I am posting the link here.
There seems to be some other wonderful books there that I will be reading this year, but for now, if you are stuck as to what to get someone for Christmas, please remember this book, I am buying a copy for each of my children this year (I hope they don't read this) and a couple to just have to hand out.
I also discovered that there is a - Young Traveler's Gift- for the kids.

But here is just a touch of what is inside:
The main character in this book, David Ponder, had his life planned out, his career, his family, his home...everything. Then a corporate buyout changed everything for him, suddenly unemployed he questioned everything in his life. In an act of desperation he calls one final "WHY ME?" and his journey begins. At each stop he meets with historical leaders who have the 7 decisions that will change his life.
I believe that they have changed mine and the wonderful Biblical principles throughout this book ring true with my spirit also.
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Happy reading

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